washing black car

Nothing beats the classic cool of a black paint job, but it can prove difficult to maintain at times. Scratches, swirl marks and other blemishes tend to be a lot more visible on darker colors, which means owners need to be more proactive in preventing damage. Continue reading below for handy tips on how to keep your black car looking its best!

Avoid automated car washes at all costs

While a 5-minute, gas station car wash may seem convenient in the moment, the spinning brushes and other washing apparatuses could leave your vehicle with unsightly scratches, not to mention water marks and dried soap spots.

Wash your car often

The secret to preserving any paint job is frequent washing, especially during the summer months. Dirt and grime build-up is not good for the exterior of your vehicle, and as the temperature heats up, these particles get baked on and become way more difficult to remove.

Wash your car the right way

If you’re planning on hand-washing your car, be sure to give yourself enough time to do a correct and thorough job. Many car owners inadvertently leave scratches or swirl marks by rushing through or not using the proper tools. Be sure to avoid making these common mistakes when washing your car:

  • Washing in direct sunlight – Pick a shady spot or a cloudy day to wash your car
  • Using one bucket for washing and rinsing – Use two buckets when washing, one for clean soapy water and one for the dirty rinse water
  • Using dish soap or laundry detergent – Purchase a cleaning solution specifically made for vehicles to prevent damage to your paint and clear coat
  • Washing in circles – To avoid pesky swirl marks, move your washing mitt in a side-to-side motion
  • Scraping off dirt or dried on particles – Before you soap up your car, spray it down with a high-pressure hose to remove hardened gunk
  • Letting the car air dry – To avoid water spots and hardened mineral deposits, use a scratch-free microfiber towel to gently pat your vehicle dry

Apply a wax as needed

In addition to maintaining a beautiful shine, a good wax can help protect your paint and clear coat from the elements, including the intense UV rays during the summer. Visit us for affordable car detailing in Omaha today!

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