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Certified Preowned Cars for Sale in Omaha

Perhaps you're shopping for your next vehicle, but buying a brand new car isn't an option. In that case, what are your choices? At Village Pointe Toyota, we offer a popular option through our certified preowned (CPO) program. Through this program, you get the advantages of a used car plus more. Cost savings are just the start of what our CPO program provides. This program is only open to carefully screened vehicles that meet strict requirements for condition and age.


Ultimately, you'll be getting only the best-preowned vehicles on the market. And while you may be limited to one automaker when you're looking for a new car, our CPO program extends to vehicles of various makes and models. Essentially, you'll get a nearly new car from any automaker of your choice.


To see what vehicles we have in our CPO stock, don't hesitate to call our helpful, friendly staff today or visit our website to browse the inventory and schedule a test drive. If you have questions about how our CPO program works, we are happy to answer any questions you have.

Benefits of Buying CPO Cars

There are many advantages to getting a certified preowned car. For starters, you'll get a like-new car without the hefty associated costs. When you buy a new car, your total includes the initial cost of the vehicle and ancillary fees such as taxes and registration. Purchasing a CPO vehicle, however, bypasses those fees. As with any used car, you will automatically pay less for a CPO car than a new one. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about the fees associated with a new car like a sales tax. With lower insurance payments and registration fees, you can save significant amounts of money on a preowned car instead of a new one.

Even though the payments associated with a CPO car may be lower than a new car, the quality is not. Participating automakers have stringent compliance standards that guide their CPO programs. All vehicles must be in satisfactory condition and meet minimum age requirements to qualify. In order to ensure this criterion is met, our dealership has a distinct process for checking and verifying a vehicle's credentials. If a car doesn't pass our high-quality standards and the automaker's guidelines, we don't list it for sale. Quality assurance also comes in the form of checking a vehicle's paperwork and title history.

What is the Certification Process?

The certification process for a CPO vehicle, regardless of whether it's a Toyota or another brand, has four steps. Before giving a car a closer physical inspection, we check its paperwork to make sure its own history is transparent and that it has no red flags such as accidents or damage.

If a vehicle's records appear intact, our service department moves on to a physical inspection. This includes a detailed look at a car's interior to check for problems. Our review also includes an overview of the car's exterior to make sure it is in top shape. Finally, we look at a car's mechanical components to look for signs of rust, age and wear and tear. If the car appears to be in good shape physically and aesthetically, we offer it to you for sale.


There's a lot that goes into buying a new car. At our dealership, we are proud to offer premium used cars through our CPO program. Contact us today to check out the CPO inventory and ask any questions you have.