2021 Toyota RAV4 Exterior

How Often Should I Service My Toyota RAV4?

Proper maintenance is essential to ensure your vehicle performs at its best and is safe to keep driving. To help keep your car in top shape, the manufacturer recommends a Toyota RAV4 maintenance schedule with a detailed overview of what services need to be performed at specific times. A mechanic uses a checklist each time you bring your car in for its scheduled Toyota RAV4 service intervals. Service for the RAV4 begins at 15,000 miles and continues at regular intervals through 90,000 miles.

15,000-Mile Service

Your Toyota will require maintenance at 15,000 miles, but it will follow a reasonably light service schedule. The car will need to have its engine oil changed at 15,000 miles, and it may also get a new engine filter. The tires are rotated, and they are inspected to ensure they have adequate pressure levels and tread depth. The driver's mat is checked for proper installation, and the wiper blades will be reviewed as well. The radiator and condenser are also checked. A mechanic will look at the car's transmission if you have an automatic to look for signs of leaks. The fluid cooler hoses are also inspected, and the steering gear will be checked.

30,000-Mile Service

When your RAV4 gets to 30,000 miles, it will need to have the engine oil changed again, and it may need a new engine filter. The cabin air filter may be changed at this point, and the brake lines and brake hoses get inspected. A mechanic will also check out the ball joints and their dust covers. The steering gear is checked at 30,000 miles, and the fuel lines and fuel connections are also inspected. The drive shaft boots are inspected as well.

60,000-Mile Service

The RAV4 will require more service at 60,000 miles. The engine filter gets changed again, and the car will get fresh engine oil. The cabin air filter is replaced, and the drain plug gasket is also replaced. The tire pressure is reset if needed, and a mechanic will visually inspect the brake drums, components, and lining. The exterior lights are inspected for safety and working condition, and the windshield wipers are also inspected. All fluid levels are checked, and your car may get a new battery.

90,000-Mile Service

At 90,000 miles, your RAV4 will have the oil changed again, and it may get a new engine filter. The tires will be rotated, and a mechanic will check their general overall condition. The fluids will be changed, and the steering and suspension systems are visually inspected.

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