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The reliability of your car influences your peace of mind when spending time commuting or running errands around town. It's important to take the vehicle to a technician when you notice it begins to shake or vibrate as you drive. There are many reasons your car may start to shake at random times, or only when you're accelerating or slowing down. A proper diagnosis can restore the car's operation and keep you safe.

Issues With the Engine

A few main components in your engine may be causing your car to shake, which includes the air filter. Over time, the filter can become clogged with dirt, preventing oxygen from having contact with the engine. The problem can escalate if you don't replace the air filter at the right time.

The spark plugs can also prevent the car from driving smoothly if there are loose connections or the parts are worn. Look under the hood to determine if they need to be replaced.

Imbalanced Tires

Your tires may be out of balance, or they may need to be realigned to improve the car's operation. You can also check the PSI of each tire to determine if they're not inflated enough. The tread may also be worn down on some of the tires if you haven't rotated the tires consistently.

Some parts in the wheels may also need to be replaced or tightened. Check the wheel bearings, tie rod ends, and ball joints to determine if everything looks good. The lug nuts may also be too loose, preventing the wheels from moving smoothly and can cause them to feel wobbly. You may notice the car shakes the more you accelerate, which can be accompanied by clicking noises.

Dented or Bent Axles

Axles that have suffered damage may be bent or dented under your car, which prevents the wheels from feeling secure. Many drivers are unaware their axles need to be repaired after getting into an accident or driving over an object in the road. You can also look at the CV joints or driveshaft for any signs of damage. A technician is qualified to look at the parts and discover any issues that may be present.

Worn Brakes

It may be time to replace your brakes, which can have difficulty stopping the car if they're worn down. Most brake pads last up to 50,000 miles. Their lifespan depends on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as how well you drive. You may only need to replace the front pads, which are used more than the back pads because they bear the car's weight each time you use the brake pedal.

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