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Problems with your Toyota's engine can quickly cause problems. What might even start as a minor engine issue can soon worsen if you don't get it fixed. Engines play a large role in helping your car operate safely and efficiently. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the engine, you may be left with more major car problems and expensive repair bills. If you see smoke coming from your Toyota's hood, or if you notice a burning smell or see coolant fluid leaking from your car, be sure to contact our expert mechanics as soon as possible to have your vehicle evaluated.

Cooling System Leaks

The cooling system in your vehicle is a vast network of hoses, belts, and other parts such as the water pump, radiator, freeze plugs, and head gaskets. These parts work collectively to ensure that adequate levels of coolant fluid remain in the cooling system at all times. This helps with the engine's performance, and it also ensures that the engine does not overheat. Leaks anywhere in the cooling system can allow coolant fluid to drain out of the system, which puts significant stress on the engine.

Bad Radiator or Radiator Fans

If your car's radiator fails or its fans break, your engine can get too hot and stop working. The radiator regulates the engine's temperature by making sure it has enough coolant fluid. The radiator's fans control the engine's temperature by removing hot air from the engine to keep it cool. The fans can break, which keeps them from circulating air. The motors and clutches on the fans can also fail and have the same impact on the engine.

Hose and Belt Problems

The cooling system of your car contains a series of hoses and belts. The hoses are designed to deliver enough coolant fluid to the car's engine. They won't transport coolant fluid if they become corroded, disconnected, or otherwise form cracks or holes.


The thermostat in your Toyota is a valve that controls coolant fluid levels. The valve may become stuck closed due to corrosion or breaks, which does not allow coolant fluid to pass between the radiator and engine. The engine won't be able to run properly if it does not have sufficient coolant fluid levels, which means it can overheat due to the added stress.

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