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What Are The Different Choices for Motor Oil

There are four primary oil types: synthetic, synthetic blend, high mileage, and conventional motor oil. Selecting the best motor oil to use in your vehicle depends on many factors, including the area where you live, the mileage, and the age of your engine. You may want to visit with one of our professional technicians for expert advice and make sure to refer to the vehicle's owner's manual for motor oil recommendations.

Synthetic Motor Oil

The most effective and expensive motor oil for engines of all types is synthetic motor oil. Synthetic oil has special additives, higher viscosity, and exceptional oxidation and thermal breakdown resistance. As a result, synthetic motor oils provide superior resistance to oil sludge build-up and may even improve engine efficiency.

Although synthetic motor oil may be more expensive, the added benefits it delivers are worth the investment. Extreme climate shifts from hot to cold weather are hard on engines, and synthetic motor oil provides excellent protection in such an environment. Even older engines and vehicles can benefit from synthetic motor oils.

Blended Synthetic Motor Oil

Synthetic blended motor oil is a combination of synthetic and conventional motor oils. The result is a more affordable motor oil with added additives and excellent resistance to oil oxidation properties. If you have used traditional motor oils in the past, it is easy to transition to blended synthetic motor oil and is the oil of choice for many savvy drivers.

Conventional Motor Oil

Conventional motor oil is the most commonly used oil that works very well in vehicles with light workloads. This motor oil is ideally suited for traditional engines working in more temperate climates. Conventional motor oil has excellent lubricating properties and can extend engine life with its long-term oil stabilization properties.

Higher Mileage Motor Oil

Engines with higher mileage of 75,000 miles or more may benefit from high mileage motor oil. High mileage motor oil has many additives explicitly designed for older, high mileage engines. Among the ingredients are antioxidants, detergents, seal swells, conditioners, and friction additives. In addition, higher mileage motor oils have unique seal conditioners to restore shape, increase flexibility and work to prevent oil leaks.

To have any questions about the correct motor oil for your vehicle, make sure and visit our dealership. One of our expert service technicians will ensure you have the right motor oil to extend your vehicle's engine life.

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