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What Can I Expect From a Toyota RAV4 Lease?

For many drivers, leasing simply makes more sense than buying. When you choose to lease, you can often gain access to a higher class of automobile than you might expect if you chose to buy. The amount you would pay monthly to buy a midsize sedan, for example, will usually let you lease an SUV like the RAV4.

Importantly, if you are already interested in a new RAV4, leasing it will allow you to make a lower monthly payment than financing it. You can use that savings toward something else in your life, or you can step up to the next trim package, allowing yourself to enjoy a larger set of available features in your new RAV4.

Also, lease periods are typically shorter than finance periods. Thus, leasing can allow you to switch to a newer model year more frequently and more conveniently than you would likely experience if you bought and financed a RAV4.

Additionally, leasing a RAV4 will usually help you avoid the stress that you feel as a car ages. While RAV4s are excellent vehicles, all autos experience wear and tear. When you own a car, its repairs typically come out of your pocket after the warranty expires. Leasing typically lets you drive a car during its warranty period and return it before that period ends, so you can avoid nearly all repair costs.


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