Toyota Avalon to be Discontinued for 2023  

Originally launched in 1994, the Toyota Avalon has dominated the full-size sedan segment for a relatively long time. In 2018, this premium model entered its fifth generation on the American market. However, this iconic sedan will be discontinued in 2023 because of major changes in the auto industry and the global economy. Let's take a look back at this popular Toyota model that enjoyed a run of nearly three decades in North America.

An Overview of the Toyota Avalon

Toyota designed the Avalon in an effort to compete against other Japanese, European and American rivals. Over the generations, this large sedan has captivated a loyal base thanks to superb engineering and meticulous design. For example, leather-appointed seats with personalized climate control have been common inside the cabin throughout the years. Likewise, this upscale sedan has offered generous interior space, especially in the front row. In terms of performance, the Avalon has led the class in horsepower and torque. A naturally aspirated, V-6 engine block has been a staple under the hood of this high-end model. An automatic transmission system with shifting assistance has also been proper installation on the Avalon. Of course, the Toyota Safety Sense technologies have evolved in sync with the evolution of this full-size sedan. The most advanced TSS technologies have quickly emerged on this model and other high-end cars from Toyota. Advanced airbags and other crash-management items are quite common throughout the lavish cabin.

When it comes to digital technology, the Toyota Avalon has also been a pioneer on multiple fronts. This large sedan has been sold with a GPS navigation system and other advanced telematics in the third generation. Voice recognition is another technology that has evolved tremendously on this particular vehicle. From Wi-Fi to Bluetooth, the Avalon has offered some of the latest and greatest options for linking mobile devices. The Toyota Connected Services have also been integrated heavily into the final generation of the Avalon. Looking ahead, the brand might eventually offer large sedans with fully electric propulsion. Perhaps the Avalon will return to the American market with even better efficiency and capabilities on the road. In fact, Toyota has ambitious plans for making all-new batteries and other unique components for a growing lineup of EVs all over the world. The company even cooperates with other automakers in order to develop innovative technologies for electric cars.

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