Toyota Camry

Three Decades of Supremacy

The Toyota Camry has been America's #1 bestselling passenger car for well over two decades now. You don't reach that level of supremacy without having more than a few secrets up your sleeve. What Americans might wonder most is why a midsize sedan like the Camry continues to best higher priced, and lower priced, models. Is it the Entune™ Audio Plus multimedia system with Connected Navigation and Qi-Compatible wireless charging systems that round out a profoundly robust list of technology features? Maybe it's the introduction of hybrid system technologies in recent years that kept the Camry on top? It could also be something as simple as the fact that the Camry looks like a luxury car without charging you luxury car prices. It's perfectly priced, perfectly loaded, and perfectly on top this year, as always. Why?

Secrets of the Camry's Dominance

You'd have to write a book length explanation of the Camry's history to truly understand its dominance in its field, but we'll try to cut things down to bite sized chunks to nail a few of the major reasons for its popularity. You can't start talking about the Camry without very correctly pointing out that it's simply a very nice looking vehicle. It's a frequent Top Safety Pick, so it has that category nailed down, too. What else makes the Camry such a special vehicle?

  • It has engaging driving dynamics that make it fun to drive with a diverse lineup of engines
  • Trims remain intriguing year after year, hitting customer wants perfectly
  • The dynamic force powertrain remains one of the most enticing powertrains on earth
  • Interior tech continues to evolve, with wireless charging docks and big, bold touchscreen command centers
  • It remains sportier than other more boring sedans, always having a flair for the dramatic

To put it simply, the Camry is a midsize sedan that doesn't just do one or two things well. It continues to give customers a luxury interior, sporty, flashy exterior, a dynamic driving experience, and world class interior technology that perfectly keeps up with the times. It does all things, and it does all things well.

Learn More About the Toyota Camry

The Camry just never fails to meet expectations. To find out more about why the Toyota Camry is such a force in its class, please call us today for more information.