When you’re driving along on the road, several situations can contribute to your need for directions. You might be in a city or town that you are not familiar with. You may have taken a wrong turn, or you may have been rerouted due to construction. Whatever the reason for needing directions, you can use the Destination Assist feature in your new Toyota to get you where you need to be.

This is a technology feature that connects you with a live Toyota agent. Your agent is immediately accessible, and they will load directions right to your navigation system without you having to do anything except tell them where you need to go. The Destination Assist feature is very well received among new-vehicle drivers, and it’s an incredibly easy feature to learn how to use.

Once you have turned your vehicle on and have access to the home screen on your infotainment system, you’ll click on Destination to get to the navigation menu. You’ll see a Destination Assist button on this menu that you should select. Your vehicle will immediately connect you to a live agent that you can communicate with.

Your agent will determine where you need to go, and then they will get you your directions. You press the Go button when you want to start the route. Once you have arrived at your desired location, you don’t have to do anything else except end the directions with a press of the End button. At any point during the drive, you can connect back to your agent to change your directions.

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