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Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of Ownership

Electric Vehicle (EV) Cost of OwnershipAs electric vehicles continue to take on more and more of the market, it's no secret that owning an EV can cost much more than its gasoline-powered counterparts. This is due to these vehicles' high initial purchase price and lower depreciation rates. The total cost of ownership varies depending on what type of EVs you choose, your driving habits, and even the actual utility rate in your area. Here is a look at the current cost of ownership.
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Parkopedia Premium Parking


Parkopedia is a mobile app that provides users with the most convenient parking options near their destination. The app also includes listings for airport parking, train stations, and other public transportation. Parkopedia has been downloaded over 2 million times and has saved users an estimated $2 billion in parking fees!

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Tips for Finding Your Perfect Car

Find the Perfect Car for 2021  

Rarely is there a 'one-size-fits-all' approach in life, and that applies to Toyota vehicles, too. Toyota realizes that there are many drivers in the world with diverse needs and preferences. For that reason, the renowned automaker produces cars that are about as varied as a carmaker's inventory can get. If you want a Toyota, you can choose from many body styles that range from heavy-duty work trucks to family-friendly SUVs and sedans to racetrack-inspired sports cars. 

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