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What is Destination Assist Used For?

When you’re driving along on the road, several situations can contribute to your need for directions. You might be in a city or town that you are not familiar with. You may have taken a wrong turn, or you may have been rerouted due to construction. Whatever the reason for needing directions, you can use the Destination Assist feature in your new Toyota to get you where you need to be.

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How to Engage & Release Toyota Steering Wheel Lock?

Steering Wheel Lock

In your new Toyota vehicle there are a number of different features that are designed to keep you safe as well as your vehicle. One such feature is a steering lock system. This will prevent your steering wheel from being able to turn under a number of different conditions. When your ignition is off, your electronic key is not in the vehicle and you try to turn the wheel, the steering will become locked and not move. This safety precaution is designed to keep your front wheels in place while the vehicle is off. This can protect your vehicle’s…

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What are Three of the Best Toyotas for Teenagers?

What Are 3 of The Best Toyotas For Teenagers

Generally speaking, this used to be a question with a straightforward answer. The answer was usually any vehicle that had four wheels and was running. Today's teenager tends to be more aware of environmental and safety factors. Here are a few options offered by Toyota that address these factors. Here is information to help you and your teen discover three of the fantastic vehicles Toyota has on the road today.

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