Toyota Supra:The Return of an Icon after Nearly 20 Years


Originally created in 1978, the Toyota Supra has been an iconic sports car for many years. Originally created as a small, two-door sports car, the Toyota Supra had quite the fan following. It took about a decade, but the design in 1987 included a turbocharged engine and this is when things really took off. It was last created in the year 2002. As part of the 2019 manufacture year, the Toyota Supra is making a comeback.

New Features

The 2019 Toyota Supra has a number of updates and upgrades. It is very much unlike the original design. The Supra will be similar in style to the BMW Z4. The underpinnings and engine options are set to be the same. This is due to a collaborative effort between Toyota and BMW, to help put this vehicle back on the market.

Exterior Styling

The 2019 version of the Supra is designed on the exterior to look similar to the FT-1 model. This model was released as a prototype at a Detroit auto show back in 2014, but was never released. The front end has a long, sleek hood with horizontal headlights. The front bumper includes large air dams and a Formula-1 styled nose cone. The line that the roofing follows is based on the location of the front seat, and stops right where the driver is. It slopes into a ducktail spoiler. There is a hatchback exterior; designed to be very practical, but still extremely sporty.

Under the Hood

When the 2019 version of the Toyota Supra is released, it is likely to come with a newly designed, V6 engine. This is the basic engine that was included in the 2018 Lexus LS. Double turbochargers generate 400 horsepower thanks to 300 pound feet of torque. This is the most basic option. Other, more powerful options will likely be available. The standard feature is going to be rear-wheel drive. Transmission options have not yet been confirmed. There are rumors that all vehicles will be an automatic transmission, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet either. For people who want exceptional speed options, there will be a hybrid option that provides even more power than other options. The hybrid will likely be automatic-transmission based as well.


As with any vehicle, no matter how unique it may be, there are also competitors. During the 2019 manufacture year, the Toyota Supra’s main competition will be the Nissan 370Z. The 370Z has been around for a number of years, and would be the most likely competition. If Nissan decides to take it off the market this year, there are plans to release a replacement vehicle that would be similar in design. Other competitors will include: The Chevy Camaro, Ford Mustang and BMW 4 Series.

The rumors that have been circulating since about 2016 have finally come true. Prototypes started popping up around car shows and such. This year we will finally be able to purchase a Toyota Supra to add to our vast collections. The Supra has been designed with practicality in mind. It isn’t just a sports car that you will keep in your garage, and take out once in awhile. You will be able to drive this daily and use it for practical driving, like going to work or running errands. Stay tuned for more information on the Toyota Supra, and if you would like to find out more, stop down to Village Pointe Toyota today. Our knowledgeable staff of employees are awaiting the release of the Supra just as you are, and know all about it.

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