5 Fun Facts About Toyota Electric Vehicles

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Toyota has been a leader in hybrid vehicles and fuel innovation, but did you know that Toyota also stands on the leading edge of electric vehicles? Toyota currently offers specialized fully electric vehicles with zero carbon dioxide emissions. With the recently announced plans by Toyota Manufacturing to roll out up to 10 new fully electric vehicles by 2020 and create a mainstreamed electric vehicle experience for a broad range of drivers, new car buyers should take a look at these fun facts about Toyota electric vehicles.

100% Electric Power

Tired of watching gas prices fluctuate up and down, collecting loyalty points from retailers for a lower price per gallon, or racing to the nearest pump when your gas needle is in the red line? Toyota’s electric vehicles are fully powered by an external charging source of electricity. You’ll save time when you eliminate trips to the gas station while saving hundreds of dollars a year.


With no gasoline fuel burning to power your car, your electric vehicle creates absolutely no carbon dioxide emissions. Electric vehicles offer you the chance to be part of a changing culture of adapting our modern means of transportation to be more earth-friendly and ecologically minded. If leaving a smaller carbon footprint is important to you, electric vehicles integrate and facilitate the creation of a greener lifestyle.


The i-Road, one of the current fully electric vehicles manufactured and sold by Toyota, is a smart commuter vehicle for urban lifestyles. This one-seater vehicle offers a compact body size that is narrow, taking up less than half of the space of a compact car. Parking in tight quarters or maneuvering through narrow city streets is a breeze in the well-designed i-Road.

Better than a Motorcycle

The i-Road is not only a fully electric, one-passenger vehicle that offers the compact size of a motorcycle when maneuvering and parking in urban or space-constrained environments, it offers safety and comfort features not found on motorcycles. No need for a helmet with the i-Road as with motorcycles as the i-Road is an automobile and not a bike. There’s also no need to worry about the inclement weather while driving the i-Road which is a fully enclosed single-passenger automobile and offers complete protection from wind, rain, snow, and splashing water from passing vehicles. If you’ve tried mastering a motorcycle in the past and found it difficult to balance the bike, the i-Road is designed with the driver in mind, shifting the balance of the weight load to the vehicle instead of the driver.

Passenger Vehicle Options

Not only does Toyota offer the one passenger i-Road for individual drivers seeking a fully electric car, they also manufacture and sell the iQ EV, a four-passenger compact vehicle that offers the advantages of an electric car paired with the ability to seat more than a front seat passenger, opening up the opportunities for small families to invest in an electric car or for carpooling with others who share your desire for reliable transportation with no carbon emissions.

Whether you’re in the market for an electric vehicle, a hybrid, or a traditional gas or diesel powered vehicle, Village Pointe Toyota has the expertise and inventory to help you with your next vehicle purchase. To take a look at the latest Toyota models, contact us today!

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