What are Three of the Best Toyotas for Teenagers?

What Are 3 of The Best Toyotas For Teenagers

What are 3 of the Best Toyotas for Teenagers?

Generally speaking, this used to be a question with a straightforward answer. The answer was usually any vehicle that had four wheels and was running. Today's teenager tends to be more aware of environmental and safety factors. Here are a few options offered by Toyota that address these factors. Here is information to help you and your teen discover three of the fantastic vehicles Toyota has on the road today.

Your teenager's safety is undoubted of the highest priority. With that in mind, Toyota currently offers at least three vehicles designed to provide a level of protection that will supplement your teen's good judgment. A rainy evening in heavy traffic can prove challenging to nearly all motorists, especially if a distraction or sudden change in traffic speed is added to this mixture. Your teen may be exceptionally levelheaded and drive carefully with the best intentions. Still, it never hurts to keep your powder dry, so to speak, and have a backup plan. Toyota newest technology provides that plan.

First, consider the Toyota 2018 Corolla iM. Outfitted with Toyota patented Pre-Collision System (PCS), the Corolla iM utilizes an integrated camera combined with a laser or radar to direct your teen's attention toward automobiles directly in front of them. In the event it senses a collision may be imminent, PCS uses voice and visual effects to alert the driver.

As soon as the driver applies the brakes, the Corolla iM is capable of adding Brake Assist (BA) if more is necessary to brake. If the driver does not, or cannot, step on the brakes, PCS can intervene and automatically apply the brakes, hoping to avoid the impending collision. If a crash is unavoidable, application of the brakes by PCS strives for a minimized impact.

Toyota Corolla iM has a sporty look about it; your teenager should enjoy the look and feel of this vehicle. Additional safety elements include a Lane Departure Alert (LDA). When navigating marked roads, LDA can activate visual and audio signals upon detecting a sleepy teen's lane change. Enabling at speeds of 32 mph or more, your teenager may be grateful for the LDA's warning system. Finally, the Corolla iM comes standard with a backup camera; your teen will appreciate the assistance it provides when objects that are usually hidden are discovered through the camera.

The second car up for consideration is the Toyota Yaris iA. Families living near areas with stretches of winding roads may find the Yaris iA's safety attributes assist their teenager's reflexes. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) helps keep the driver maintain control under less than optimal road and weather conditions. Traction Control System supports the drivers' efforts on bumpy, uneven road surfaces. Anti-lock Brakes, Electronic Brake-force distribution aid the driver in avoiding skids.

The Yaris iA also has the Brake Assist like the Corolla iM. However, it also has a Brake Override System (BOS). BOS activates only under conditions where the brakes and gas pedal are stepped on simultaneously. The Low-Speed PCS watches for potential accidents. Sensors enable voice and visual warnings and provide braking assistance once the driver steps on the brakes. In the event there is no response from the driver, PCS capabilities can supply automatic brake application. Your teenager will enjoy the seven-inch touch-screen audio display for easy music control.

The Prius c is a third vehicle you and your teenagers may enjoy driving, as it is a safe, fun and environmentally conscious car. Toyota Prius c has the Toyota Safety Sense C (TSS-C). Then, it combines LDA technology to help with lane navigation and throws in assistance with high beam control for good measure. Automatic High Beams systems activate high beams to aid driver navigation. Then it senses vehicles coming toward the Prius c and automatically adjusts the high beams to avoid blinding the other driver.

Backup cameras assist the driver in avoiding hidden objects. Additional hybrid fuel options are features that today's teen will appreciate.

These cars are only examples of good, reliable options Toyota offers for you and your teenager. For more information, and there are significantly more options to view, visit villagepointetoyota.com today. Bring your teenager with you; it is an excellent opportunity for you and your teen to bond over shared interests.

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